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Changzhou Fuxing Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of DIY LED light bulbs and light fixtures that enable versatile lighting experiences

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  • Phone: +86-519-83665588
  • Fax: +86-519-83661077
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    No. 20 Dongfang South Road, Wujin Economic Development Zone (Lihe), Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
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Company Profile
Fuxing is a prestigious lighting manufacturer that offers an advanced range of LED bulbs and a beautiful array of interior light fixtures. With over two decades of experience and reputation for world-class OEM/ODM services, Fuxing delivers a solution that is unique, innovative and reliable. Fuxing has been on track of robust development as a modern company that sets the industry's benchmarks for design, technology, performance and light quality. The company's dedication to building a value-added product family through exceptional design, performance engineering and sophisticated manufacturing has earned Fuxing the distinction of being a reliable and innovative lighting manufacturer that consistently delivers superior value to its partners and customers.

Forward-thinking technology and innovative product design keep Fuxing moving ahead as a unique manufacturing company that carries a family of trendsetting lighting solutions. The perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and cutting-edge technology makes Fuxing's LED filament bulbs a highly-coveted energy efficient light source for open fixtures such as decorative and lantern-style chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, and ceiling fixtures. The DIY design integration of LED filament technology and other creatively fabricated LED light sources with a unique section of bulb shapes and glass patterns create a beautiful sparkling light. Fuxing also carries a breathtaking collection of pendant lights and table lamps with glamorous and multi-faceted silhouettes. The minimalist, contemporary fixtures designed around the sparkling LED bulbs convey simple refinement with flair and complement a multitude of architecture.

With 80,000 square meters of manufacturing facilities spread out over 50,000 meters of site area, Fuxing is advantageously positioned to a full turn­key solution with its extensive in-house capabilities and industry-leading production capacity. From initial design engagement through finished products, Fuxing's integrated design and manufacturing capabilities ensure full control of every step of the process, which translates into a package of real value that exceeds customer's expectations. As the world's first manufacturer of DIY decorative light bulbs and light fixtures that enable versatile lighting experiences, Fuxing has distinguished itself as a prominent innovator in the LED lighting industry and continues to grow with innovation.
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